Samsung Galaxy Fold Media Release

About This Project

For this project, I was first hired by Dot Dot Dash to style some props for media to use when photographing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold phone on Samsungs Press Release day, April 15th, 2019. This ask grew into Art Directing the entire event. Taking place at the brand-new Edition Hotel in Time Square we had a spectacular backbone to work with.

The daytime event took place in the bar lobby for You Tubers, influencers and different tech blogs. We created a luxurious, warm, naturalistic environment to reveal the phones and then create lifestyle content within. This was accompanied by two studio-lit photo zones to capture controlled content in, stocked with different props to utilize as wanted.

There was an intimate evening event in the penthouse, media such as GQ, HYPBEAST, Allure, NY Mag, and Gear Patrol were invited. Here I aimed to create a futuristic, prismatic and eye-catching space to showcase the phones. I brought in florist Manu Torres to help create an immersive photo-capture moment along the wall, inspired by the butterfly that appears on the Galaxy Fold when you first unfold it. Complete with a gallery highlighting the phones with sketches of the design process and objects inspired by different colorways.